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Why we do what we do.

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At Ise Kadoya, we use an open-style fermentation tank, which is quite rare in Japan, that results in producing a smoother, fuller bodied beer. In addition, we are meticulous about each ingredient we use, choosing quality over quantity, taste over cost, care and attention over brewing shortcuts.
We know that if we aren’t happy with our beers, our customers won’t be either.

We mainly brew American-style ales using in part, ingredients from American Malt masters, Briess Malt and Ingredients. As far as we can tell, we are the only brewer in Japan that importing Briess’ ingredients. Beyond American-style ales, we continually see the challenge in brewing beers that push our abilities and that extend the range of tastes available to our customers in Japan. And Briess provides us unique kinds of malts to achieve some of the special characteristics and flavors of our beer.

Endeavors worth doing always bring with them certain ups and downs, mistakes and miscalculations and surely a lot of hard work. Yet, if we pay close attention, there is a lot to learn from our missteps—starting Ise Kadoya Brewery is proof positive of that. I can still clearly remember the anticipation I felt before I tasted our first batch of Pale Ale and feeling slightly surprised, to tell the truth, at just how good it was. All the same, I also clearly recall a not so happy day
when we dumped over 1,000 liters of beer because we didn’t allow it to mature long enough. All the stories tend to blend together to create a great yarn to recount to anyone interested in hearing old war stories. Additionally, it gives a great vantage point to refer to since over the last 14 years, we have always remained confident that our hard work and close attention to detail would make us better beer makers. We hope you agree with us.