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We can’t live on beer alone...right?

Biyagura Restaurant

We made Biyagura as a place to buy or enjoy our freshly brewed beers in the relaxed surroundings of our beer hall-type restaurant. In the entrance to Biyagura, we have a small shop where you can buy any one of our year-round beers, our seasonal brews, miso paste, soy sauce, S-Cider and kinako mochi. Above the shop on the second floor is our restaurant where people can sit back, relax, have a freshly brewed Ise Kadoya beer and enjoy all kinds of Japanese, Chinese and western-style meals that go well with beer. We use our traditional miso and soy sauce in the preparation of some of the meals, and of course, we serve our kinako mochi as just one of our deserts. We also have a full bar if you aren’t in the mood for a beer (if that’s possible). You can see Biyagura’s English menu here.

Biyagura brewery shop hours:
Open everyday (except WEDNESDAY) from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Biyagura restaurant hours:
Open everyday (except WEDNESDAY) from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM (last order, 10:30)
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Nikenchaya Naiku-Mae Ten

Nikenchaya restaurant, located in Okage-yokocho near the entrance to Ise Shrine (Naiku)
specializes in serving seasonal and local favorites that go best with our house specialty, Shinto Beer. In the fall and winter, the specialties revolve around oysters from nearby Uramura, Toba City. Whether fried, raw or sautéd, these oysters are some of the best you could find. In spring and summer, fresh Ayu, a fish abundant in local rivers dominates our menu. Unagi, (eel) marinated and cooked in Ise Kadoya’s own secret miso and soy sauce recipe are served throughout the year. You can see Nikenchaya’s English menu here.

Nikenchaya hours:
Open everyday from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM (last order is 7:30)
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