Kodai-Mai Ale is ready to go!

Kodai-Mai Ale (Ancient Rice Ale) has arrived!

With the change of seasons upon us, we have created a special brew that reflects the feel and flavors of autumn—Kodai-Mai Ale, created with specially chosen hops and an ancient variety of black rice.

Kodai-Mai AleThe Kodai-mai was was locally harvested in Ise City and the hops were hand selected to blend with and extract the flavors from this distinctive strain of hearty black rice.

When we set out to brew our Kodai-Mail Ale, our focus was not completely on taste but on the color too. And I am happy to report we succeeded on both fronts! The beautiful brown and reddish color is as beautiful as the ale is tasty!

At first sip, the gentle mellow flavor of the rice carries through to subtly flavor this ale until the bitterness of the hops kick in. The finish is refreshing and smooth thanks to the black rice aftertaste.

With the bounty of fall vegetables available now, Kodai-Mai Ale is the perfect fall companion to the many autumn dishes. Try it with your favorite seasonal food and I dare you to tell me I’m wrong!

Kodai-Mai Ale as well as other favorites are available at our Biyagura store and our on-line shop (sorry, our shop is Japanese only).

Have a great autumn and as always, I hope you enjoy the new beer.


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World Beer Award Winner!

Great news has arrived!

world beer awardsOut of a field of over five hundred entries in twenty-seven countries, the following Ise Kadoya beers were chosen number one at the World Beer Awards for 2010.

Ise Kadoya Brown Ale - World’s Best Dark Ale - Brown
Ise Kadoya Stout - Asia’s Best Stout & Porter - Stout - Dry
Ise Kadoya Imperial India Pale Ale - Asia’s Best Pale Ale - Imperial IPA

We were so happy and humbled by this great news that we have been even more energized to continue our efforts to brew better beers. And there are not enough words to express my gratitude to all my staff and all our beer fans in Japan and around the world to make this happen. Without all of the help and support, our success couldn’t be possible.

So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for your continued support.

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Imperial Smoked Porter is now available!

There’s no two ways about it—our brew master, Nakanishi is driven. He is driven by his relentless enthusiasm to challenge and push himself to create new and original tastes (some of which no one could ever come up with!) and his desire to keep looking for ways to improve our current recipes. Our new Imperial Smoked Porter is evidence of this.

Smoked PorterThis time around, we added a different kind of hop—Brewers Gold Hops—to create a milder taste and enhanced smoked malt flavor than last year’s version.

Even though it has a 7% ABV, it has a lighter taste that most would imagine. This smoked porter has a rich and complicated and surprisingly smooth flavor. It is considerably darker than our pale ale but not as heavy as our stout.

We think it goes great with smoked foods, such as cheese or salmon. But we also think it goes well with just about anything. Our smoked porter is available through our online shop (sorry, Japanese only) and at our Biyagura shop in Ise City.

We hope this seasonal treat will cool you down during the dog days of summer!

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Summer Oyster Season!

One of our restaurants, Nikenchaya Naiku-Mae Ten, located near Naiku in Ise City (map) is gearing up for the hot weather with our summer oyster menu. Right now, Uramura oysters are in season and are better than ever! Whether fried, steamed or grilled, our oysters are some of the best you can find!

Uramura oysters come from neighboring Uramura-Cho in Toba City along the Oonura Bay, where fresh water and sea water produce ideal conditions for growing some of Japan’s tastiest and sought after oysters. Pictured below is our signature dish, grilled, simmered, and fried oyster lunch set.

If your appetite is small our “Kaki Shigureni Chazuke”, simmered Uramura oysters and fresh ginger smothered in a thick, sweet soy sauce served on a bowl of rice, would be your choice. This is a light meal, but it gives you a nice boost of energy in the summer heat. If oysters are not your fist choice, Nikenchaya Naiku-Mae Ten has a wide range of other goodies to satisfy your hunger!

We are located along the Isuzu River on Oharai-machi street near Ise Jingu (Naiku). When visiting Jingu, take a break from the heat and the flurry of activity and have lunch and a cool drink in our traditional wooden style building overlooking the river for a true Japanese experience.

We are open everyday from 11:00~20:00. Thursdays, we are open from 11:00 to 15:00.

Of course, English menus are available!

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There’s nothing common about this “Common Beer”

Hello again beer lovers! We have begun selling our newest beer, a kind of California “Common Beer” that has its roots in the middle part of the 1800s in the time of the California gold rush.

Common BeerThis type of beer is especially different because we use lager yeast, yet create the fermentation process at the same temperatures as we would with a fermenting ale yeast. The result is a beer that has both a fruity taste from the ale yeast and a crisp and refreshing taste from the lager yeast. And the early results are this one is a winner!

We feel our “Common Beer” will satisfy any and all palats, from beginners to craft beer connoisseurs.

Bottles of “Common Beer” are available at our Biyagura shop or through our on-line store for our customers in Japan (sorry, Japanese only).

As always, don’t wait if you would like to try this one since we are expecting another quick sellout!



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